Seven Curiosities About Australia and New Zealand, 2023 Women's World Cup Hosts!

Seven Curiosities About Australia and New Zealand, 2023 Women's World Cup Hosts!

Written by Jesus Martinez Placencia. 

Women’s World Cup Hosts, Australia and New Zealand, are two of the most remote places on Earth. There is so much to learn from their lands, history and culture. Kickoff Coffee brings to you seven fascinating facts about the World Cup Hosts!

  1. Happiness in AU and NZ

According to the latest World Happiness Report, Australia and New Zealand rank tenth and twelfth respectively on the list of the happiest countries on earth. They surpass Canada, the United States, and Germany!

  1. Diversity in Australia

While other countries might have a higher proportion of immigrants, Australia stands out with 40% of its total population being made up of immigrants. Its ethnic and cultural diversity is noteworthy. In 2022, the country welcomed over 7.5 million people from places like the United Kingdom, China, and the United States, making it the immigration leader of the Oceania region.

  1. Protected Nature in NZ

Around 30% of New Zealand is designated as National Reserve. Its inhabitants have a strong focus on environmental conservation. Stunning places like Mount Cook, Milford Sound, and Tongariro are well-preserved due to this protection.

  1. Official Languages in NZ

While English is the primary language in New Zealand, both Maori (spoken by 17% of the population) and sign language are also considered official languages.

  1. Kangaroos in Australia

Australia is home to around 50 million kangaroos, double its human population. The kangaroo is a representative symbol of the country.

  1. The Haka Dance

The Haka, an ancient Maori war dance, has gained international popularity thanks to New Zealand athletes. The national rugby team, known as the All Blacks, perform it as a captivating ceremonial spectacle before matches.

  1. Rugby in AU and NZ

Although both countries boast successful national teams in various sports, rugby is their international emblem. Currently, New Zealand holds the second position in the global rankings, while Australia sits at eighth.

What about you? Your thoughts on Australia and New Zealand? Would you like to visit these two countries? If you do, get ready for a vibrant specialty coffee scene as well!

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