SOLIDARITY ALWAYS | Rwanda, Musasa Single-Origin


Solidarity Always was created in collaboration with Common Goal's Anti-racist project as a tribute to all the footballers, coaches, and fans that have been impacted by racism. This coffee is a testament to our respect and admiration for those who have resisted the hate and exclusion that exists in our game. This coffee is a symbol of our unequivocal commitment to fighting against racism in all of its forms. We hope that with every cup, people across the world are reminded of this pledge.



    • Flavor Notes: Chocolate, Oranges, Plums, and Maple
    • Origin: Musasa, Rwanda
    • Body: Medium
    • Acidity: Medium
    • Process: Washed
    • Altitude: 2,012 meters above sea level
    • Cultivar: Bourbon 
    • Producer: Dukunde Kawa
  • *Whole Bean Coffee* 

If you would like your coffee ground, please write in the notes section at checkout along with the way your brew, thank you! 


10% of all sales from Solidarity Always will be donated to Common Goal's The Anti-Racist Project (ARP), a collective project committed to tackling racism within the sport and forging safe spaces for people from all backgrounds to thrive in football. 

Our partnership reminds us that solidarity is a fundamental component of creating change in the global football community and beyond.