CAFÉ BONITO | Brazil, Cerrado Mineiro Single-Origin


Brazil is known as the giant of the south, especially when it comes to coffee and futebol! The world's largest exporter of coffee also has one of the world’s most remarkable football cultures. Brazil boasts the most world cup titles and has done so through its one and only samba-like style of play known as “gingaIt's no wonder Brazil is a forever-favorite at every major international fútbol tournament and a world's best-selling author in some of history's most exciting chapters known to the beautiful game.

Café Bonito is our tribute to the colorful and exciting Brazilian game. We invite you to raise your mug and celebrate Brazil's futebol legacy with this top-quality, artisan-roasted Brazilian single-origin coffee. Come on, Vamos, Let's go! 

Coffee for soccer people, by soccer people.



  • Tasting Notes: Dry Cherries, Almonds, Dark Chocolate
  • Origin: Cerrado, Brazil
  • Body: Medium
  • Process: Natural
  • Cultivar: Catuai  
  • Elevation: 1100 meters
  • Producer: Fazenda São João, Décio Bruxel 

    ***If you would like your coffee ground, please write in the notes section at checkout along with the way your brew, thank you!***



10% of the proceeds from this bag are donated to URECE, a non-profit association located in Río de Janeiro, Brazil that is dedicated to developing sports training and social workshops for visually impaired people of all ages. URECE plays a leading role in Brazil on major issues surrounding social inclusion.

Not only does URECE serve people with visual impairments, this futebol inspired community organization is also led by them!