Tactics and Brewing

Just as football tactics can differ in approach depending on the coach, player, or fan, brewing coffee also ultimately comes down to personal preferences that depend on how you enjoy drinking your coffee the most! And so, just as we would recommend putting in some thought into preparing your game tactics, our recommendation to you here is to brew your coffee wisely!


Coffee Beans

If football is known as the universal game, coffee is most definitely the universal beverage. That’s why it’s our mission to send you only the freshest artisan-roasted soccer coffee. This means we recommend you grind your beans according to your favorite brew method, as close as possible to the moment you brew your coffee. This will help enhance your coffee experience!

The quality and flavor of your coffee starts with the type of coffee beans you select. There is a world of flavors to explore that develop through different coffee roasts, the geographical region it originates from, the coffee variety and its growth conditions, and last but not least, the texture of your grind preference.

Many things can impact the quality and flavor of a cup of coffee, but remember, there is no wrong choice of bean or roast. In the end, it comes down to personal preferences. The most important part of all this is to enjoy the moment. If you are as much as coffee hooligans as we are, relish the brewing and treasure the tastes of fresh artisan roasted coffee!


The Water

The water you use is also an important aspect to brewing great tasting coffee. If you can, use filtered or bottled water if your tap water happens to smell, or if it’s a dodgy source. If you’re using tap water let it run for a few seconds before you begin to fill your pot, and make sure that the water is nice and cold.


Brewing Time

The amount of time that the water is in contact with the coffee grounds will have a determining factor in its flavor. If you use a drip system, the contact time should be around five minutes. If you are brewing your coffee French Press, keep it between two to four minutes. For Espresso, it only takes about 20-30 seconds. Experiment and record the contact time that finds the best taste for you!


Enjoy your Coffee!

Take in the aromas and pay attention to the unique flavor notes that come with each cup!


Equipment and Gear

After you’ve enjoyed your coffee, be sure the coffee equipment you used is cleaned after each brew. For example, it’s important to not allow left behind accumulated coffee grounds mix in with your fresh grounds. This could make your cup of coffee taste bitter! So, don’t forget to rinse with clear and hot water, and then wipe down with a dry and absorbent towel.