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Common Goal & Kickoff Coffee Launch the Anti-Racist Project Coffee Bag

Common Goal & Kickoff Coffee Launch the Anti-Racist Project Coffee Bag


Coffee that Stands Up Against Racism | Kickoff Coffee Co | Common Goal

April 1, 2022 – Kickoff Coffee Co, a specialty coffee company focused on bridging soccer and coffee through its social enterprise, has partnered with Common Goal’s Anti-Racist Project to co-launch a limited edition coffee bag, Solidarity Always, with the mission to support inclusion and equity in soccer for Black and Brown Americans. 10% of all Solidarity Always coffee profits, which was collaboratively illustrated by Black artist Parris A, Massey, will be donated to the Anti-Racist Project. 

Kickoff Coffee Co was co-founded just over a year ago by Olympian and former Colombian National Team player, Melissa Ortiz, alongside co-founders and human rights activists Christian Ortiz and Rasha Qumsayeh with the goal to bring the passion of soccer and great coffee into your everyday lives while donating a portion of their profits to soccer foundations around the world that use sport as a tool for social development in underprivileged communities. 

“I am absolutely honored and immensely proud to partner with Common Goal and the Anti-Racist Project coalition to co-launch this new coffee bag, Solidarity Always. Since day one of launching Kickoff, we have been driven not only by our passion for soccer and love for top quality coffee, but also by our mission to make a difference in the world through the sport we all love so much,” said Melissa. “By teaming up with Common Goal and the incredible coalition who helped us create the illustrations, name, and imagery depicted on the bag, we are so appreciative for being part of this powerful initiative to make a positive impact for the Black and Brown soccer community through soccer and coffee.” 

“The Anti-Racist Project is proud to partner with Kickoff Coffee in creating and co-launching the Solidarity Always coffee bag,” said Kaiya McCullough, a program manager for Common Goal’s Anti-Racist Project. “We have seen the dedication and commitment to fostering an anti-racist game by the entire team at Kickoff, and we are incredibly grateful to be working side-by-side with them in this fight. The Solidarity Always bag represents the collaboration between Common Goal and Kickoff Coffee Co, and we are excited to continue working together towards a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive game.”

About Kickoff Coffee Co:

Kickoff Coffee Company is a start-up ecommerce coffee shop inspired by the love for soccer and great coffee. They are dedicated to highlighting and sharing with our community some of the best specialty coffees and some of the most exciting soccer cultures from around the world. The Kickoff Coffee team firmly believes that building a better world for all requires a team effort. Their ultimate goal is to celebrate the beautiful game through their top-quality fresh artisan-roasted soccer coffee while giving back through each bag. With every bag purchased through their website, Kickoff donates 10% of their profits to foundations around that world that utilize soccer as a tool for social development in underserved communities

About Common Goal:  

Common Goal is rooted in the belief that the world’s most popular sport is one of the few cultural forces strong enough to help shift society towards a more sustainable and equitable future for all. Common Goal seeks to build a movement that creates opportunities for every stakeholder in football to participate in creating social change. Their mobilization centers around key leaders, leagues, and organizations pledging a minimum of 1% of all revenues to drive progress towards their global goals. In addition to the 1% pledge, Common Goal consistently partners with high-impact community organizations to reshape our society into an equal playing field for all. 

About Common Goal’s Anti-Racist Project:  

Common Goal’s Anti-Racist Project is a comprehensive and collaborative initiative focused on creating a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable sport for Black and Brown Americans. The project aims to tackle racism through education and mobilization by stakeholders across the football landscape using needs-based anti-racism training curricula. Currently the project features an Executive Level Training Series, a curriculum focused for professional club front office staff and executives, and is in the final stages of developing a youth-based interactive training curriculum for coaches and players.


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