The Match Begins! Welcome to “THE COFFEE HOOLIGAN”..., our Blog:

The Match Begins! Welcome to “THE COFFEE HOOLIGAN”..., our Blog:

In a short period of time, Kickoff Coffee has managed to permeate its goal of celebrating the beauty of fútbol through top-quality, artisan-roasted coffees, all while giving back through proceeds from each and every soccer coffee bag purchased. 

by Jesus Martinez Plascencia. @Jm_Plascencia

At Kickoff Coffee, our team firmly believes that building a better world for everyone requires a team effort. To make that objective resonate more, Kickoff Coffee partnered with some really inspiring community organizations that implement fútbol programs for social development in underserved communities both here in the United States, and abroad. 10% of profits from each bag of coffee sold by us goes to the financial support of some truly inspiring football for development organizations such as -Fugees Family (USA), Tiempo de Juego (Colombia), A.S.D. World Ball (Italy), AO IMPACT (USA), and more!


But we don’t want to stop there. Kickoff Coffee wants to dig deep into the fútbol and coffee culture that exists around our beautiful world to share it with the amazing community of “Coffee Hooligans” that have celebrated fútbol and coffee with us. For this reason, the Kickoff Coffee squad believes there is no better time to launch something new for our community of fútbol and coffee lovers. And so with no more further due, we introduce you to our new official blog, a space in which we will be dedicating to the stories and life experiences that allow us to continue highlighting the beauty of the union between these two incredible worlds: fútbol and coffee.


In this blog we've dubbed THE COFFEE HOOLIGAN, you will find news about Kickoff Coffee; but that's not all because, in addition, we will present articles, stories, legends, anecdotes, interviews and write-ups that allow you to understand and join what for us represents the greatest and most tasteful passion. 


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Every month, we will strive to offer articles of your interest, which you can enjoy accompanied by a great cup of coffee, while you also will find out about exclusive promotions and offers. THE COFFEE HOOLIGAN will also become an informative space that helps you learn new concepts and allows you to dive deeper into the world of coffee, hand in hand with the passion and culture we all cherish from the fútbol world. It’s that time… It’s Kickoff! Are you ready? Welcome to Kickoff Coffee’s “THE COFFEE HOOLIGAN”!




Special thanks for this article to our friend and guest writer, Jesús Martínez Plascencia.  @JM_Plascencia



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